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Your shirt could last longer if treated in the proper way.

stiffening a shirts

Stiffening a shirt

Passed on by our grand-mothers,
to stiffen collars
and davantini without ruining
the fabrics with
chemical agents.

Mix water and corn starch

1 - Mix water and corn starch

stir it

2 - Stir it

Dip a natural sponge in the compound

3 - Dip a natural sponge in the compound

Squeeze the sponge lightly

4 - Squeeze the sponge lightly

Dampen the collar

5 - Dampen the collar


corn starch to stiffen

Mix two cups of hot water
and a spoon of corn starch in a squirt gun.
When the compound is ready,
dampen the entire shirt,
especially the collar and the parts
that you want to be stiffer.
Thanks to the corn starch
your shirt will be stiff and bright as never before.

For those who want a stiffer shirt,
the perfect solution is the use
of a sponge dipped directly
in the compound adding a spoon of starch.

Squeeze the sponge lightly
and pass it on the parts you want
to stiffen more.


The compound prepared with corn starch, MUSTN’T BE USED a second time,
because it is preservative-free
so it could be altered
and leave marks on the shirt.

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